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HelMo – the mobile robot system masters real life applications

HelMo - the mobile robot system

HelMo is the new generation of high-performance mobile robot systems that work fully autonomously, with the ability to navigate a diverse array of working environments, gather their own materials and then carry out the work. HelMo represents the next level of Man-Robot Collaboration, whereby robots mix with human beings and work together with them or handle monotonous tasks on their own.

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«Stäubli mobile robots meet all mobility requirements and are the perfect link to a smarter production.»


Sebastien Schmitt | Division Manager Stäubli Robotics North America


Mobile robot solutions are always a big crowd puller at any trade fair. What did Stäubli have planned for Automate?

Sebastien Schmitt: We showed off our mobile robotics system, HelMo, which premiered at Automate 2019 as a pilot project and has now successfully graduated to become a standardized product ready for use. What’s so special about HelMo is that it can perform MRC (man-robot collaboration) tasks either as a mobile assistant or as a high-performance robot to be assigned to common industrial applications. It would be hard to imagine a greater level of flexibility.

Which aspects of HelMo visitors got to know at Automate?

Schmitt: The specialists among them saw HelMo operating in a specific context within our Smart Production. The mobile robot system navigated its way around autonomously, linking robot cells, performing intralogistics tasks and demonstrating its capabilities in man-robot collaboration. It was a spectacular application that will illustrate the possibilities of mobile robotics systems in a really impressive way.

What are the particular technological challenges, and what are the jobs that HelMo will be doing in the future?

Schmitt: The HelMo mobile robot system is designed in such a way that it can take on individual location-specific tasks such as obtaining and transporting parts, as well as delivering, inserting and removing machine components. The application options range from individual process stages to complex tasks. HelMo can be geared specifically to the customer’s own applications. 

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