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Training courses in Austria

Stäubli Robotics is expanding its training offerings as a certified partner with the well-known WIFI education center in Linz. As a manufacturer with the world's largest program of customer-specific kinematics, Stäubli feels an extensive training program is extremely important. The training courses give you the fundamental knowledge you need for all kinds of work with your robotics systems. Thanks to the many practical exercises in the Stäubli classroom at WIFI, you can gain the knowledge and confidence you need to use your robotic equipment efficiently and effectively.

The following end-user and programming courses are held at WIFI Linz in Austria. An overview of all available training courses is available here.

Bayreuth training center in Germany

The training center in Bayreuth offers courses for every need and target group. Qualified personnel are a prerequisite to ensure the reliable, productive operation of the equipment. Click here to display the courses offered in Germany.

Academia Box - training cell

To maximize the learning effect, the Academia Box is equipped with the newest generation of robots and controls from Stäubli. The heart of the cell is the innovative TX2-60 six-axis system, one of the fastest, most capable robots in its segment worldwide. Its top performance makes the TX2 series the first choice for many industrial applications, which is why these widely-used, universal robots – which support every level of human-robot collaboration – are especially well-suited for training purposes. The same applies to the CS9 control, which boasts a number of security features, covering the full spectrum of applications from standard use to complex human-robot collaboration.

Whether for the purpose of a company's own in-house training, a university of cooperative education, vocational and technical academies, colleges, or universities – the Academia Box teaches all content in an easy-to-understand way.

To this end, the training cell is equipped with a variety of hardware components, such as a vacuum gripper, a tiltable plane, a parts chute, and more. This makes it possible to teach points on an askew plane and demonstrate many other standards. Further elements of the Academia Box include extensive training materials and software programs that enable instructors, teachers, and professors to begin teaching with the cell immediately.

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