Automotive Powertrain

Automation solutions for applications in powertrain manufacture

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Powertrain applications are among the most challenging for a robot-assisted production line. Errors can quickly lead to the complete failure of vehicles, which is the worst-case scenario for any automobile manufacturer. Robot involvement ranges from the assembly of high-resolution sensors and the complex manufacture of engine and transmission components to the cleaning of parts. Stäubli Robotics also has solutions for some rather unusual applications, such as splash-proof 6-axis models for cleaning tasks and ESD versions that counter electrostatic discharge.

Success stories
Automated exhaust valve production (Klubert & Schmidt)

Exhaust valve manufacturer Klubert + Schmidt integrated a fast and accurate Stäubli TX90L robot into its automated machine tool to handle loading/unloading and other supplemental operations at the machine.

Deburring in a cleaning cell (Silberhorn)

For deburring and cleaning vehicle components, German cleaning specialist Maschinenbau Silberhorn uses Stäubli HE robots specially designed for applications in humid environments and wet spray areas.

Assembly of gear shift modules (FTE automotive)

FTE automotive has succeeded in developing a pioneering ultra-lightweight gear shift module made from high-performance plastic. No less impressive is the highly complex, modular automated assembly line behind the product.

Injection molding of vehicle electronics (Adatis)

For the overmolding of an electronic circuit board, specialist plastics manufacturer Adatis has opted for full automation with Stäubli industrial robots. In this way, the company can continue producing in the high-wage economy that is Switzerland.

Production of oil coolers (Z-Tech)

The production of oil and charge air coolers is an elaborate process.  Coolers are made of many different fins, which must be presorted, correctly assembled and soldered. This is a challenging task that 3 Stäubli FAST picker robots perform with ease.

Water jet cleaning (More Engineer)

In South Korea, integrator More Engineer teamed up with Stäubli to automate washing lines for Hyundai engine suppliers using TX90 HE washing robots. These robots are built to withstand the force of high-pressure waterjets and can operate 24/7.

RX160 HE inside a washing cell (Dürr Ecoclean)

Ceiling mounted RX160 HE inside a washing cell, EcoCFlex type from Dürr Ecoclean Germany, perfectly suited for handling automotive metal parts.