Life sciences Success story

Targeting nanoparticles with robotics

Customer benefits:
  • Reproducible quality at the highest level
  • Robot-assisted automation for increased flexibility
  • Significant increase in total capacity
  • Avoidance of the errors that typically occur in manual operation
Stäubli AG - TX200-robot-cancer-treatment-tim-2x-68228-jpg-orig.jpg
Unlike in an industrial environment, the TX200 has no shielding to protect the operator, so humans and robots can work together in a confined space to provide optimal treatment for cancer patients.
Stäubli AG - TX200-6-axis-robot-cancer-treatment-tim-2x-68236-jpg-orig.jpg
The Stäubli TX200 six-axis robot is equipped with a magnetic head which hovers over the patient’s body, directing the magnetic nanoparticles with the active ingredient directly to the tumor.