Life sciences Elettrosystem

Innovative assembly line makes its world debut

Customer benefits

  • Reproducible quality at the highest level
  • Robot-based automation for greater flexibility
  • Significant increase in total capacity
  • Avoidance of errors arising from manual processing
RX160 and TX90 robots at Elettrosystem
The Stäubli RX160 easily copes with the torque created by the quadruple universal grippers at maximum extension.
Stäubli TX90 robot at Elettrosystem
The Stäubli TX90 performs the final quality control and the cutting to length of the tubing.
RX160 and TX90 robots at Elettrosystem
The two Stäubli RX160 and TX90 six-axis robots handling the flexible endotracheal tubes.


Automation of spiral tubing manufacture

Until recently, the manufacture of spring-reinforced tubing was considered to be so complex