Food industry

Industrial robots for the food industry

In the food and beverage industry, when equipment operates at high throughput, frequent manual manipulation can compromise performance and hygiene. Automated solutions maximize efficiency by minimizing interruptions, increasing flexibility and eliminating the risks of contamination. That is why food industry customers need the highest performing robotic solutions. Our robotic arms are designed to handle all applications, from upstream processing through to sorting, packing and end-of-line palletizing.

Protein processing

Image of protein processing product for the robotics food industry solutions

Stäubli robots reduce MSDs in handling and processing operations while offering better hygiene.

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Ready-made meals

Image of ready made meal product with robotics food industry solutions

Our robots offer versatile and effective solutions for handling boxes, loading trays and customizing products.

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Dairy products

Image of cheese (dairy products)

Stäubli robots blend superior performance and hygiene for curd slicing, molding, demolding and rack unloading.

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Bread / Baked goods