Automotive Success story

Zero-error production with robots

Customer benefits
  • No risk of error thanks to fully automated processes
  • Implementation of a zero-error strategy
  • Use of FAST picker TP80 for maximum productivity
  • Just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing
Stäubli TS60 at Z-Tech
A Stäubli TS60 SCARA seen here inserting the fins into cassettes.
Fast picker TP80 at Z-Tech
The ultra-speedy four-axis kinematics impress by virtue of their exemplary precision.


Cost-efficient production of oil coolers

The production of oil and charge air coolers is an elaborate process. The coolers are made up of many different fins, which must be presorted, correctly assembled and soldered. This is a challenging task, but one which three Stäubli FAST Pickers perform with aplomb.

Stringent quality standards apply to the manufacture of these sensitive products at the factory in the Netherlands where zero-error production is required. In order to ensure sustainable and economical production, the plant engineer Z-tech Solutions was commissioned to design and build a robot-assisted assembly and testing line. The main steps in the production of the oil and charge air coolers include die-cutting the fins in different sizes, sorting and assembling procedures, vacuum soldering, fitting the relevant thermostats and connections and testing for leaks as well as labeling, packaging and dispatch. Z-Tech implemented an auto-stacking line, on which the cooler fins are sorted into cassettes in the correct order. This is connected directly to the metal blanking press.



Three FAST picker TP80 robots ensure outstanding performance

The high-speed sorting of the die-cut fins is carried out by three Stäubli TP80 FAST pickers. It is as if the ultra-fast four-axis kinematics were specifically designed for this task, in which the robots pick up the different fins from the conveyor belt and assemble them in a set sequence. All of this calls for maximum dynamics in combination with the highest precision and extended range – precisely the criteria for which Stäubli has created these kinematics.

With the FAST picker TP80, Stäubli entered uncharted territory in terms of construction, effectively redefining the concept of high-speed robotics. This machine can perform well over 200 picks per minute while handling weights of up to 0.1 kilos. The TP80 has been rigorously designed for reliability and precision. With its four axes, it can operate across a large work space (diameter of up to 1.6 meters) with an impressive repeatability of ± 0.05 millimeters.



Reliable compliance with quality standards