Sensitive environments Hygienic - humid

SCARA HE industrial robots

Stäubli’s SCARA HE robots are designed to resist corrosion even under extreme conditions. Their encapsulated design is ideal for various applications such as machine tool loading/unloading and food operations. Thanks to their own drive technology, they achieve ultra-short cycle times.

SCARA robot HE (Hygienic - humid environment)
Hygienic design
  • Hygienic design aligned with EHEDG recommendations
  • Easy accessibility, cleanability and decontamination
  • NSF H1 compliant food oil with no loss of performance
  • No micro organic penetration due to design and pressurization
TX90 HE robotic arm vertical output
Stands up to extreme conditions
  • Fully encapsulated design (IP65)
  • Integrated user harness, tubing and valves
  • All connections protected under the base
  • Unrestricted pH suitability from 4,5 to 8,5
  • Kinematic pressurization for advanced tightness demands
  • Robust surface treatment/coating and stainless steel joints