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Stäubli’s Power-Blox rewarded - supporting tsunami aid

Power-Blox energy cube for off-grid solutions and independent power supply
Power-Blox energy cubes shipped to Indonesia for tsunami aid
Stäubli Power-Blox ensure autonomous energy supply for electricity in rural areas
Power-Blox provides electricity in off-grid areas
Stäubli plug’n’power energy cube for safe energy supply in off-grid sectors
Power-Blox for off-grid energy supply in rural areas
Power-Blox is finalist for “Array Change Technologies Award” of PV Magazine
Nomation for the “Array Change Technologies Award” of PV Magazine

The innovative energy cube Power-Blox is finalist of the Array Change Technologies Award by PV Magazine. Currently, the Power-Blox cubes are being utilized by the Swiss Humanitarian Aid Unit in its emergency intervention in Indonesia. The portable and modular energy system, based on swarm technology offering alternating current (AC), is part of the comprehensive solution portfolio of Stäubli Electrical Connectors, a specialist with more than 20 years of experience in photovoltaics and expert for advanced contact technologies.

The “plug ‘n power” system Power-Blox has been evaluated out of more than 40 entries by the expert jury of PV Magazine and been nominated as finalist for the Array Change Technologies Award to be rewarded at the end of the year. The Array Changing Technologies Award of the leading trade publication PV Magazine is being given annually since 2015. It recognizes excellence in innovation for solar components and PV power plant development and operation.

Power-Blox is a fully-fledged power system that includes all required components built in a distinguished red box delivering 230 V AC besides the traditional 5/12 V DC. The modular design allows to build a mini-grid or to power individual appliances by simply stacking “cubes” until the required power and capacity is reached. Through the patented Swarm technology, the grid can be commissioned, extended, downsized or split by just adding or removing “cubes” without any engineering efforts. Like at a fish swarm in nature, all components adjust themselves to the condition of the environment without a central master component that takes over the control.

When electrifying households or small businesses in rural areas, features like the easy installation, fail safety, and robustness are vital. Lately also the defence industry takes note of the Swarm technology and peruses the deployment in their forward moving bases (FOB), specifically to power, communication and water purification equipment. International development organizations and aid agencies apply the Power-Blox system in a number of programs.

“Reliable electricity is essential for almost all of the Sustainable Development Goals as well as in all disaster relief operations. Currently, our energy cubes are being used by the Swiss Humanitarian Aid Unit in Indonesia for the electrification of water treatment plants and shelters during the tsunami relief operation.” says Matthias Mack, Director Alternative Energies at Stäubli Electrical Connectors. “The nomination by the specialists of the PV Magazine jury proves the ingenuity of the concept and the potential value for off-grid projects.”

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