Hyperloop with Stäubli Connectors

Strong connectors for Swissloop

Hyperloop Pod from ETH Zurich
Swissloop Pod
Tamara and Miguel assembling the electronics and connectors CombiTac installed on the battery pack
Miguel Angel Quero Corrales and Tamara Hoffmann with the battery system
MSD is assembled with the CombiTac system
CombiTac installed on the battery pack

Swissloop once again calls upon Stäubli’s performance and know-how

On June 12, Swissloop’s 2019 pod was presented in Zurich: named “Claude Nicollier”. In July, the Swiss ETH’s young project team members will once again take part in Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Competition in California with their transport capsule. Stäubli’s extremely high-performance and robust connectors will also participate again.

A new round of Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Competition for high-speed transport systems in evacuated tubes will soon take place, following the pre-qualifications that were held in fall last year. The technical concept of the newly formed young Swissloop team from the Zurich ETH proved convincing and in the second examination round at the beginning of the year they got the positive answer for the trip to the