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ISC Digital Event - Refresh your ideas about thermal management !

Less than one week from now, we should have been together at ISC 2020!

However, even with our distance, we can interact and network by participating in the ISC digital event.

Stäubli shares PV expertise at Solar Pulse Europe of Solar Plaza
Solar Plaza event: 24-25.06.20
Stäubli’s expertise at Solar Pulse Europe on energy transition

What is the future of European solar energy? Stäubli takes an active part at the Solar Pulse Europe event on June 24 to 25, 2020 as one of 25 leaders in networking with more than 500 attendees for in-depth discussions on opportunities and challenges of solar energy in Europe.

Stäubli MULTILAM contact technology: ML-CUX for powerful energy transmission in GIS
Highly efficient contact technology
Powerful contact technology for high voltage equipment

A leading Chinese manufacturer of innovative high-voltage equipment relies on Stäubli’s latest MULTILAM contact technology. By implementing cutting-edge technology from Stäubli in its current GIS products, Xi’an XD High Voltage Apparatus provides its customers very efficient switchgear equipment.

New Stäubli double fork plug that enables the connection of two busbars in e.g. power conversion cabinets. The solution enables reliable connection, longevity, high mating cycles as well as cost-efficiency.
Customized solution
Double fork plug solution to connect two busbars

At Stäubli Electrical Connectors we have developed a new solution that enables the simultaneous connection of two busbars. The solution is adaptable to customer needs in terms of currents and busbar size. 

Uruguay maintains a research base in the Antarctic powered by solar energy and Stäubli PV connectors
PV in the Antarctic
A pioneering project: Solar power in the Antarctic

The Antarctic is one of the most inhospitable places in the world: 14,000 km², extreme climatic conditions, temperatures lower -­80 °C and winds more than 200 km/h. Many countries own research bases there to conduct various studies in this very unique climate.