Robotic tool changing systems

MPS CUSTOMIZED – Customer-specific construction

Whether base units for special payloads or process-dependent modified transmission modules, the custom-built robotic tool changer MPS CUSTOMIZED provides perfectly designed systems for complex applications. With regard to all performance specifications, material qualities and connection options, you gain a perfectly configured tool changer. Quick, reliable tool changes and required transfer of the most diverse media and power supplies are guaranteed for your individual processes.


  • The base units on the robot and tool side as well as the transmission and safety modules are perfectly configured to suit your applications.
  • Individually designed transmission modules are possible for almost all product parameters (e.g. higher transmission rates due to greater nominal diameters, specific wiring of electrical connectors).
  • Development of new transmission modules for specific production technologies.
  • Specially constructed deposit stations enable optimum system integration in the complete installation.
Constructive development and design according to product line:

MPS 020

Stäubli AG - MPS20-tim-2x-41846-jpg-orig.jpg

Payload: 20 kg
Bending Moment: 30 Nm (static),
105 Nm (dynamic)
Torsion Moment: 30 Nm (static),
105 Nm (dynamic)

Robotic tool changer MPS 020

MPS 032

Stäubli AG - MPS32-tim-2x-41851-jpg-orig.jpg

Payload: 32 kg
Bending Moment: 75 Nm (static),
262.5 Nm (dynamic)
Torsion Moment: 75 Nm (static),
262.5 Nm (dynamic)

Robotic tool changer MPS 032

MPS 130