Accessories for Test and Measurement

Cables and multi-strand wires

Stäubli looks back on years of experience in the production of multi-stranded wires with PVC, silicone and TPE insulating materials. The high number of windings in combination with highly elastic insulating materials creates finished leads with an exceptional flexibility. Thanks to the selection of finest raw materials as well as the constant modernization of our production facilities, the range of multi-stranded wires has been continually extended and adapted to the latest technical requirements and standards.

PVC multi-strand wires

Universal use for test leads and wiring with medium mechanical stress and a good cost-benefit ratio.

TPE multi-strand wires

Used in test leads with a medium thermal load whilst retaining its flexibility in the cold.

Silicone multi-strand wires

Thanks to the ability to withstand brief contact with a soldering iron, they offer highest safety and excellent flexibility. 

High-voltage wires

Highly flexible, reinforced insulated stranded wires for use in high-voltage wiring and hand-held test leads for high-voltage tests.

Special wires

Highly fexible, reinforced insulated stranded wires for potential equalization, e.g. in the field of medical engineering.