TS2-100 SCARA robot

Stäubli is entering a new performance class with its TS2 SCARA series. The completely redesigned 4-axis machine with proprietary JCS drive technology facilitates ultra-short cycle times and high repeatability. It also has a revolutionary hygienic design which opens up new possibilities for use in sensitive environments. It is piloted by the generic CS9 controller that also controls TX2 6-axis robots.

The fast and compact TS2-100 robot has special features, such as a maximum payload of 8.4 kg with a 1000 mm reach.

Design, performance and connectivity redefined
TS2-100 robot for sensitive environments
Complete encapsulated design
  • First full encapsulated design
  • Different integrated tubings and valves available
  • Clean and hygienic:
    • no screws from the top in whole working envelope
    • hexagonal screw head
    • vertical cabling possible
Work envelope (TS2-100)
Unique cylindrical envelope and small footprint
  • Axis 1 working range: ± 180°
  • High dexterity in small workspaces due to compact integration of motors
Stäubli gearbox JCS
Outstanding speed and dynamics

Stäubli is the only robotics manufacturer to make its own reduction gear systems, specifically designed to cut down on maintenance and extend the life of the robot.

Tool changer (Stäubli TS2)
Smart connected tool
  • Pneumatic and electrical circuit including Cat5e available at the tool
  • Integrated tool changer available (optional) Allows automatic - manual connection / disconnection of various tools
Attachment methods (SCARA TS2)
Flexible integration on the production line

Floor and ceiling versions available

Stäubli SCARA TS2 for all environments
Versions for sensitive environments

ESD compliant version available for electronics industry.

To be launched soon:
Harsh - Humid - Hygienic - Cleanroom - Aseptic

Best in class repeatability

  • Unique, 19-bit safe digital absolute multiturn encoders ready to operate with no initiation

Design adapted for integration and service performance

  • Only 4 covers: easy to access to all components to increase service performance
  • Several solid attachment possibilities for camera or peripherals

High speed

  • Extremely fast robot

Precise trajectory performance

  • Increased part quality
  • Reduced rework costs
  • Rigid structure

Multiple user connection option

  • Electrical, pneumatic, i/o connections delivered to the tool flange or forearm

TS2-100 SCARA robot specifications



Degrees of freedom


Maximum load capacity

8.4 kg

Nominal load capacity

2.4 kg


1000 mm

Protection class - EN 60529

Up to IP65 with ball screw cover and bellows

Attachment methods

Floor or ceiling

Stäubli CS9 controller