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CombiTac modular connectors combine various contact types such as power, signal, data, thermocouple, coaxial, fiber-optic, fluid and pneumatic connections in a single compact frame or housing. Tailored to your exact needs, CombiTac ensures highest versatility and reliability as well as a long service life.

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There are various aluminum and plastic DIN housings available. Panel mount mount version are available in adjustable sizes. 

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Rails and supporting end pieces

High-quality plastic or aluminum rails available in different lengths. End pieces for housing or panel mounting are configurable.

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Broad range of modules / inserts

The broad range of available modules supports the customization and helps reduce the overall size of the CombiTac.

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Various contacts

Power, signal, data, coaxial, fiber optic, thermocouple, fluid and pneumatic contacts can be chosen for each individual configuration.

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Pre-assembled CombiTac connectors

CombiTac is delivered pre-assembled, which speeds up installation time and rules out assembly errors.

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Cable assembly

Upon request, CombiTac is delivered along with cable pre-assembly. Cables of your choice are assembled at our factory and tested before delivery.