E-Mobility Success story

Creating urban mobility with the right connection


CombiTac for electrical connection between battery and motor

  • Vibration resistant
  • Easy handling
  • High number of mating cycles
  • High-Performance


  • Joint evaluation with standard product
  • Safe and reliable connection for seamless operation
  • Quick and straightforward connections of the battery by the end-user
CombiTac mounting on E-scooter at Silence factory
Connector mounting on Silence electric motorbike
Stäubli CombiTac in electric motorcycle assembly
Battery rack with CombiTac
Silence E-Scooter with Stäubli connector for battery
Removable battery with trollley system
Stäubli CombiTac for electric motorcycle
Safe and loss-free energy transmission with CombiTac

Modern, urban eco-mobility: that’s Silence, a Spanish start-up company offering a sustainable driving alternative with its powerful but easy-to-use electric scooters. Leading the change to responsible electric mobility, Silence relies on a removable and rechargeable battery – and on the modular CombiTac connection solution of Stäubli.

The global traffic situation is changing rapidly. Mobility continues to increase as more and more people and goods move across cities and around the world. This leads to environmental pollution, traffic collapses and noise. New paradigms are needed to change this. This includes, for example, urban delivery services as well as public authorities and private commuters who are rethinking their mobility behavior thanks to the introduction of new technologies and solutions.

A sustainable driving alternative

One of these providers of new solutions is Silence. This young and dynamic Spanish start-up company designs and produces innovative electric motorcycles. Supported by a team of professionals with experience in motor sports, engineering, mechanics, electronics and design, the company’s aim is to end the problem of air pollution caused by millions of motorbikes and offer a real sustainable driving alternative with electric scooters. Following an intensive research and development phase, Silence has designed a new generation of electric scooters – with a driving range