Test probes 2 mm and 4 mm

2 mm Programme

Test probe SPP2-S

Stäubli AG - test-probe-SPP2-S-tim-2x-50482-jpg-orig.jpg

With tapered, stainless steel rigid needle. Handle guard chamfered on both sides. Ø 2 mm rigid socket.

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4 mm Programme

Test probe SPP4-S

Stäubli AG - test-probe-SPP4-S-tim-2x-50488-jpg-orig.jpg

Test probe with tapered, stainless steel rigid needle and with handle guard chamfered on both sides.

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Test probe SPP4-S/F

Stäubli AG - test-probe-SPP4-S-F-tim-2x-50491-jpg-orig.jpg

Spring-loaded stainless steel needle which reacts resiliently under light pressure. Specially suited for sensitive printed circuits.

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Test probe PP-115/4

Stäubli AG - test-probe-PP-115-4-tim-2x-50518-jpg-orig.jpg

Ø 4 mm, with spring-loaded MULTILAM. Handle guard flattened on one side to prevent rolling. Also allows for close sideby-side plugging of probes.

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Test probe BT400

Stäubli AG - test-probe-BT400-tim-2x-50524-jpg-orig.jpg

Ø 2 mm, made of Monel®. Ø 4 mm rigid socket in insulator accepting spring-loaded Ø 4 mm plugs with rigid insulating sleeve

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Test probe with cable XP...-484

Stäubli AG - test-probe-XP-484-tim-2x-50527-jpg-orig.jpg

Highly flexible, with insulation in PVC or silicone. One end with Ø 4 mm test probe with spring-loaded MULTILAM, the other end with right angled Ø 4 mm MULTILAM plug.

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Pluggable accessory XDK-1033P

Stäubli AG - test-probe-XP-484-accessory-tim-2x-50530-jpg-orig.jpg

Dolphin Clip made of brass with all-round insulation. Toothed jaws for wide grip with surface for fine wire.

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