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The automation app award winning CombiTac configurator from Stäubli Electrical Connectors is the most intuitive modular connector configurator available today.
Accessible through every end device, it enables you to quickly and easily build your own personalized CombiTac step-by-step, and offers 3D interactive graphical assistance throughout the configuration process.  

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CombiTac configurator as online version

With its modular design, you can configure CombiTac both easily and precisely to your technical and dimensional requirements thanks to the practical online configurator.
Run the CombiTac configurator in your browser or on mobile end devices. No registration is required for creating your own personalized CombiTac.

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In order to configure the required modular connectors for our specialized installations, we have been using the Online CombiTac Configurator from Stäubli Electrical Connectors for many years. Since the introduction of the new version 2.0 and thanks to the optimized user interface, we have been able to configure the CombiTac connectors even faster and more intuitively, exactly tailored to our requirements. Only compatible combinations are suggested during the design process, which avoids arduous misconfigurations. The step files can be integrated directly into our design data – kudos to the great implementation.

Alexander Vogt, team leader electrical plant engineering, Rubitec AG, CH-Bennwil

CombiTac connectors are an important element in our plant engineering. We can configure the connectors individually and modularly according to their function. This is even easier and faster with the new version of the CombiTac configurator from Stäubli Electrical Connectors, thanks to features like “drag and drop”. The visibility has also improved: the available space and the cable output are always visible. Congratulations to Stäubli Electrical Connectors for this implementation.

Andreas S., Development & Construction, Miba Automation Systems GmbH, AT-Pinsdorf

All our systems and solutions are tailor-made according to customers’ automation requirements. Therefore, we highly rely on the modular and configurable CombiTac system, which can completely and with great ease be designed with the new configurator on any device. The CombiTac Configurator is user-friendly, providing realistic 3D visualization with zoom and rotation functions. The app is intuitive and allows fast composition of the final design of the connectors.

Pavel Valouch, Mespro s.r.o., CZ-Hlubocky