Weaving preparation

Warp tying installations

Stäubli warp tying machines, in conjunction with Stäubli tying frames, are high-performance warp tying installations for universal use. This equipment guarantees maximum efficiency during the warp change process for every weaving mill. Optimum tying quality and adaptability to all yarn types lead to minimum down times on the weaving machine. Warp tying installations from Stäubli are both easy to operate and quick to set up, making them indispensable tools for all warp changes. They can be used in combination with SAFIR drawing-in machinery.

TOPMATIC warp tying machine

TOPMATIC warp tying machine

The TOPMATIC warp tying machine supports operating a versatile range of yarn types. 

Tying fine and standard yarns

MAGMA warp tying machine

MAGMA warp tying

The MAGMA warp tying machine is the ideal solution for coarse and technical yarns.

Tying coarse yarns

TPF3 tying frame

TPF tying frame

The TPF3 tying frame offers easy handling and flexibility.

TPF3 tying frame