Life sciences Success story

Automation for advances in medical science

Customer benefits
  • Highly productive concept
  • Assembly and packaging in a single system
  • Reliable operation with high availability
  • Robots designed for hygiene compliance
H&O - Assembly and packaging of cryogas cartridges
In the assembly and packaging of cryogas cartridges, a Stäubli SCARA TS60 and a six-axis TX90 operate in tandem.
H&O - Placing of cryogas cartridges
Twelve cartridges and tiny openers are placed in a blister.
H&O - Assembly of cryogas cartridges
Thanks to its extensive range, the Stäubli TX90 can easily reach all positions in the cell.


Assembly and packaging of cryogas cartridges

The CryoPen is considered to be an innovative alternative to the scalpel in the removal of skin blemishes. To meet increasing global demand for gas cartridges to be used with the CryoPen, the manufacturer has opted for a pioneering automated solution, in which two Stäubli robots operate in tandem.

CryoPen from H&O Equipment’s offers dermatologists a patient-friendly treatment. Stringent quality standards apply in the production and packaging of the cartridges. 

Each cartridge has a tiny outlet with a diameter of around four millimeters, which opens the cartridge in a controlled manner as it is screwed into the CryoPen and is also equipped with a filter.

The cartridges are produced in large quantities and therefore, H&O set out at an early stage to automate the assembly of the filter and the packaging of the cartridges.



Division of labor between a SCARA and a six-axis robot

The systems engineers designed a cell in which two Stäubli robots share the work. A