Life sciences Hospital automation

Economic automation for hospital pharmacies

Customer benefits
  • Fully reliable and precise medication dosing
  • Very flexible in application
  • No health risk to clinic personnel through skin contact with potentially toxic preparations
  • Small space requirement thanks to the compact design of the robot
  • Superior efficiency and economy
Stäubli TX60L Cleanroom
A TX60L Cleanroom robot ensures safe and accurate individual dosing of medication.


Safe filling of syringes and IV bags 

Every day, a hospital pharmacy puts together hundreds of doses of medication for administration to patients. To improve the quality of such a delicate task and at the same time to protect clinic personnel from the risks of skin contact with possibly toxic preparations, the Canadian supplier Intelligent Hospital Systems has developed a robot-supported system which can fill syringes and infusion bags with any dose of medication.



Completely reliable dosing of medication&n