Life science Success story

Safety for patients and hospital staff

Customer benefits
  • Maximum reliability and precision in the dispensing of medicines
  • High level of flexibility in the application
  • Elimination of health and safety risks for clinical staff
  • Modest space requirement thanks to compact design
  • Superior efficiency and ROI
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Hi-tech down to the last detail: the RIVA™ infusion compounding system
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Sensitive handling requires sophisticated gripping tools.
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Modern technology: from robot to user level – a chemist sets parameters for production.


Fully automated compounding and filling of infusions

The aseptic preparation of drugs such as infusion solutions is one of the more complex tasks in pharmaceutical dispensing. In addition to creating the right conditions for production, the right technology for automation of the process has to be identified and implemented.

ARxIUM is a multinational company that offers hospitals and pharmacies around the world a highly efficient automation solution for the filling and compounding of infusions that meet the highest standards in terms of quality and quantity. ARxIUM set out to establish a technology that would be synonymous with Pharma 4.0 and able to operate within ISO Class 5 or higher.



A Stericlean robot makes the impossible possible

One solution that has been available on the market for some time now goes by the name of RIVA™. This is a fully automated infusion compounding system that incorporates a six-axis robot of the TX60L-series. The pioneering technology that has gone into the production system, ensures that it is already primed for the regulatory requirements that will apply in the pharmaceutical industry of tomorrow with regard to safety, effectiveness and, above all, precision.

The Stäubli TX60L deployed in this case is a Stericlean model. This hydrogen peroxide-resistant version of the robot has some obvious modifications, including specially treated surfaces that permit it to be used in aseptic environments. Even more significantly, the enclosed structure of the Stericlean model and its IP65 credentials made it the ideal choice. The high-precision