Food industry Success story

A new dimension in high-speed packaging

Customer benefits
  • Significantly higher output
  • Maximum productivity
  • Humanizing work
  • Error rate near zero
  • High plant availability
FAST picker TP80 robots at Fu Ling Zha Cai
FAST picker TP80s pick up the individual packs and put them into cardboard boxes.
FAST picker TP80 robots at Fu Ling Zha Cai
The sorting and packing of pickles is performed on a central conveyor belt with multiple Stäubli TP80 robots operating in series.


Sorting and packaging of mustard pickles

An innovative sorting and packaging plant in China is demonstrating that robot automation makes sense, even in countries with low wage levels. The Fu Ling Zha Cai company has set up a pioneering production line with multiple FAST picker TP80  robots for the handling of mustard pickles, and is scoring top marks in terms of quality and productivity.

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