Food industry Success story

Fast track to the crunchy pack

Customer benefits
  • Unrivaled speed with up to 237 picks per minute
  • No loss of performance despite the use of Class NSF H1 lubricant
  • Competitive advantage thanks to high-output automation
  • Guaranteed compliance with hygiene requirements
FAST picker TP80 at Danone
The FAST picker TP80 is equipped with a special vacuum gripper.
Stäubli FAST picker TP80 robot
A time-consuming process previously carried out on a manual assembly line is now performed in record time by a TP80 Stäubli FAST Picker.


Secondary packaging of yogurt

The packaging of yogurt is not made any easier by complementary ingredients such as Crunchy Clusters which the end consumer adds according to personal taste. The ultra-nimble Stäubli FAST picker TP80 offers a well-known food brand a competitive edge in secondary packaging at its factory in Turkey.

In Turkey too, where food processing is an important sector of the economy, the demand for automation is soaring. Stäubli Robotics Turkey has been active in this industry for many years. System integrator 3E Industrial Automation and the Stäubli subsidiary in Turkey have collaborated on a pioneering project to take innovative solutions in secondary packaging to the next level.

The Danone production site for dairy products is where this is all taking place. The nature of the project was defined as follows: tubs of Crunchy Clusters and plastic spoons were to be affixed to the top of perforated twin packs of yogurt which had already been filled and sealed.



Up to 237 picks per minute

A time-consuming process previously carried out on a manual assembly line is now performed in record time by a Stäubli TP80 FAST picker. The yogurt twin packs and the tubs of Crunchy Clusters plus spoons arrive at the robot cell via two separate feed belts. Mounted alongside the conveyor belt, the FAST picker grabs two of the adhesive-coated complementary packs and places them on top of the twin yogurt pots.

The handling processes occur in fractions of a second – so fast that the human eye can barely keep up. The performance of the Stäubli TP80, which is equipped with a special vacuum gripper and receives the coordinates of the packaging elements via a high-speed visual recognition system, exceeds even the most ambitious expectations. With a measured top speed of 237 pick-and-place cycles per minute, it significantly outperforms the specified rate of 220.

The fact that this industrial robot more than matched factory performance data supplied by Stäubli under real production cond