Food industry Success story

Handmade by robots

Customer benefits
  • Appetizing presentation of factory-made ice cream
  • Straightforward compliance with all applicable hygiene regulations
  • Maximum flexibility
  • HE robot specification ensuring high level of availability
  • Manageable investment with short amortization
Stäubli TX90 HE (hygienic design for food industry) at Big Drum
The robot is seen here filling a tub with ice cream.
Stäubli TX90 HE (hygienic design for food industry) at Big Drum
The Stäubli TX90 HE is at the heart of the filling line. This special robot withstands even the most aggressive cleaning processes.


Filling and packaging of ice cream

Presentation plays a crucial role in the industrial production of ice cream. Even when it arrives in large-size containers, the product needs to look like a handmade delicacy. The Robot Filler does this to perfection. Big Drum Engineering GmbH specializes in the manufacture of equipment for the filling and packaging of ice cream. Its innovative machines make it possible to produce a wide variety of ice creams quickly and economically. Big Drum machines have a production capacity of up to 50,000 tubs per hour.

But output alone is not all that matters. In addition to quality, the presentation of the product often leads to a decisive buying impulse, particularly when it comes to ice cream. What was required was a setup that would allow ice cream to be put into large tubs so that it looked more appealing, appetizing and individual.



Innovative filling machine for large containers

Stäubli was able to provide the perfect solution for the job with its splash-proof HE robots (HE as an abbreviation stands for “Humid Environment”). Because of the cleaning procedures laid down in the food industry, standard robots are completely unsuitable for this application. The equipment is cleaned according to strict hygienic criteria with aggressive media and a fierce water jet, which would immediately disable any standard robot. The Stäubli TX90 HE with its special protective casing and watertight wrist is immune to such rough treatment.

This is why Big Drum Engineering uses the Stäubli TX90 HE in the machine they have called Robot Filler. This system has been designed for filling and packaging ice cream in large tubs of between 3.5 and 6.0 liters. The job of filling the tubs is done by the TX90 HE robot, which is equipped with a nozzle on the wrist and is connected directly to the freezer via a hose l