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Customer benefits
  • Significant reduction of failure rate
  • Just-in-time production
  • High availability in continuous shift operation
  • Amortization period of under one year
  • Profitability and flexibility at the highest level
Stäubli TS60 SCARA robot at TRW
A Stäubli SCARA TS60 assembling an airbag.
Stäubli RX160 robots at TRW
Two Stäubli RX160s are responsible for handling the module in the overmolding cells.


Efficient assembly of airbag control sensors

TRW Systems in the county of Durham, UK, is one of the market leaders in the manufacture of intelligent safety systems and has made a name for itself as a reputable supplier of airbag control sensors. Until recently, the production of airbag modules at TRW in Peterlee relied to a large extent on manual labor.

Rising demand and the desire to bring more of the supply chain in-house generated the need for new investment in a dedicated manufacturing line. TRW called in Stäubli Robotics as well as its system integrators Grohmann and IPTE to advise on the best way of directing the available funds. A preliminary analysis revealed that an expansion of the manual assembly line would not be able to compete with a fully automated robotic solution in terms of either output or cost benefit. The decision went in favor of a new fully automated assembly line based on four-axis and six-axis robots supplied by Stäubli Robotics.



New assembly line with Stäubli robots

The new assembly line consists of several cells connected in series, all of which are equipped with Stäubli industrial robots. In the first step, two Stäubli TS60 SCARAs insert a metal contact into a printed circuit board. This is followed by the soldering of electrical contacts on the board. During the subsequent quality inspection, another SCARA TS60 manipulates the components.

The next stage is the overmolding of the PCB. This is carried out by two six-axis RX160 chosen for their exceptional range and outstanding dynamics. These two industrial robots perform the complete handling of the components with the utmost speed and precision.

They subsequently transfer the module to the final quality assurance station. This is wher