Automotive Success story

Parts inspection with a twist

Customer benefits:
  • In-line X-ray inspection for zero-defect production
  • Highly flexible system technology
  • Seamless documentation and traceability
  • Effective alternative for managing a shortage of skilled workers
Stäubli AG - Kiekert20-CZ-1-tim-2x-68094-jpg-orig.jpg
The gripper seals the opening to the X-ray chamber during inspection, which requires the part to be rotated 180 degrees.
Stäubli AG - Kiekert20-CZ-2-tim-2x-68095-jpg-orig.jpg
The inspection system has a compact footprint.
Stäubli AG - Kiekert20-CZ-3-tim-2x-01-68101-jpg-orig.jpg
Inside the compact cell are a robot, a camera, and an X-ray chamber.
Stäubli AG - Kiekert20-CZ-4-tim-2x-68106-jpg-orig.jpg
The X-ray inspection is thoroughly visualized and documented.


Robot-assisted X-ray inspection of vehicle locking systems

Kiekert is the world’s biggest manufacturer of automotive locking systems. At its largest plant in Prelouc, Czech Republic, a workforce of some 2,400 produces around 180,000 side door latches a day on 60 assembly lines.

Among the numerous automated assembly and testing tasks involved is the 100% inspection of soldered connections. A high-precision Stäubli robot has the job of manipulating the latches as they pass through a compact X-ray inspection cell.

The latest development in the design of these locking systems is the incorporation of convenience functions such as Kiekert’s proprietary Kiekert “Soft-Close” mechanism. As with all motor vehicle locks, the zero-defect principle applies. Consequently, the producti