Controllers CS9 EtherCAT I/O Terminals

D 244 427 00 (equivalent to Beckhoff EL3104)


D 244 427 00 | 4-channel analog input terminal -10…+10  V

The D 244 427 00 analog input terminal processes signals in the range between -10 and +10 V. The voltage is digitised to a resolution of 16 bits, and is transmitted, electrically isolated, to the higher-level automation device. The input channels of the D 244 427 00 EtherCAT Terminal are differential inputs. The signal state of the EtherCAT Terminal is indicated by light emitting diodes.

Technical data

Number of inputs

4 (differential)

Power supply

via the E-bus


differential input

Signal voltage

-10…+10 V

Oversampling factor

Distributed clocks


Distributed clock precision

<< 1 µs

Internal resistance

> 200 kΩ

Input filter limit frequency

5 kHz

Common-mode voltage UCM

35 V max.