Fuse adapter PF/S4-...
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For protection of electrical equipment in high energy low voltage systems. The adapter can be equipped with an efficient low voltage fuse which reliably isolates the circuit from the power grid in the event of excessively high-current load. Transparent fuse holder sleeve to accept a high-rating fuse 10 x 38 mm.
The fuse is not supplied.

Two Ø 4 mm rigid sockets as terminal connection, accepting spring-loaded Ø 4 mm plugs with rigid insulating sleeve.
PF/S4-BS-10x38-S: One Ø 4 mm plug with rigid insulating sleeve and one rigid Ø 4 mm socket, to accept spring-loaded Ø  4  mm plugs with rigid insulating sleeve.

Order No.


Rated voltage/current



600 V, CAT III / 16 A¹⁾



600 V, CAT III / 16 A¹⁾

1) Depends on the fuse used.