Mold clamping systems Mechanical

Mechanical clamping system QMC 105/106

Simple and safe: The mechanical quick-release systems meet the highest demands for set-up time optimizations while at the same time offering the greatest possible versatility. Whether horizontal or vertical machine, tool weights up to 2 t or operating temperatures of 200 ° C: the mechanical bayonet system is suitable for all electrical or hydraulic as well as new or existing machines (retrofit) up to an opening force of 250 kN regardless of the outer contour of the tool. The simple clamping process is characterized by a removable hand lever and the integrated safety lock.


The mechanical quick-release system is designed for vertical (conventional with crane) or horizontal (machine-specific solution) application. When the machine is brought together, the centering clamping rings mounted on the tool are inserted into the bayonet locking system of the tool clamping system. A manually operated clamping lever, it can be removed after the clamping operation and is tightened by the centering clamping ring. An integrated safety lock prevents the tool from being released in the tensed system state.



Mechanical clamping systems QMC 105 / QMC 106:

  • Clamping system plate of unalloyed steel
  • Minimum system thickness (QMC 105: from 15 mm, QMC 106: from 20 mm) guarantees maximum utilization of the mold installation height
  • Large through-hole on the Stäubli centering ring (enables the use of heated spray nozzles and central ejectors)
  • Bayonet locking system in alloyed steel, heat-treated and surface-treated
  • An additional safeguarding of the exact, storage-oriented positioning makes the readjustment with the gripper or robot attachment unnecessary
  • Drilling pattern according to EUROMAP, SPI or JIS standard
  • Maximum opening force of the machine: 180 kN (