market pharmaceutical and cosmetics

Coupling solutions for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries

Stäubli develops fluid line coupling solutions that respond to the challenges facing the fine chemicals sectors, pharmaceutical laboratories, biotechnology and the cosmetics industry: product integrity through sterilizable quick-release couplings without retention areas, materials suitable for corrosive atmospheres, safety of installations and operators (inerting of tanks, breathing air, mechanical interlocking, ergonomic couplings, etc.).

Fluids & Gases

Coupling solutions for connections at test benches, inerting, gas distribution.

Non-spill stainless steel couplings for all types of fluids and gases for connections at test benches, inerting, gas distribution.

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Compressed air

Quick-release and flexible couplings for corrosion-proofing and anti-hose whip safety systems

Quick couplings for corrosion-proofing, anti-hose whip safety systems, air supply to workstations and machines, filter integrity testing and valve control

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Filling & draining

A range of quick-release couplings for filling, emptying, inerting and venting operations

Quick couplings for filling, emptying, inerting and venting: full-flow models and non-spill products to permit rapid filling at high flow rates.

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Breathing air

Breathing air supply lines for all personal protective equipment

Couplings for direct supply to personal protective equipment, air filter unit, manifold unit for simultaneous supply to operators.

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