Weaving preparation

SAFIR S60 for high-quality shirting fabrics

Yarn types
  • Cotton and blended yarns (carded, combed)
  • Wools (worsted yarns, woolen yarns)
  • Silk, mono- and multifilaments
  • Special yarns on request (e.g. ribbons, knop yarn, bouclé yarn)
  • 3–250 tex, Ne 197–2.4, 30–2,500 dtex, 27–2,250 den, Nm 333–4
Our sales team

The SAFIR S60 automatic drawing-in system is the right choice for the production of fabrics made using one warp sheet with one or two yarn layers. Typical applications are blouse or shirting fabrics with sophisticated color patterns, women's and men's outerwear made of the finest worsted wool, and home textiles such as upholstery