Technical weaving

TF weaving systems – High performance and precision for technical textiles

  • Reinforcing fabrics for lightweight applications
  • Heavy industrial fabrics
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The new Stäubli TF weaving system series for technical textiles features modular design and allows individual configuration that meets any required specifications. Thanks to the combination of advanced technologies like servo-controlled shedding and parallel reed movements, weavers enjoy unlimited design freedom to produce innovative fabrics with any required characteristics.

Advantages of the technical weaving system:

  • Free selection of system components in terms of warp thread supply, shed formation, weft insertion and fabric take-off
  • Absolute freedom in design
  • Gentle yarn treatment
  • Reliable and durable Stäubli system components
  • Service and support by highly-qualified specialists worldwide

Main characteristics

For reinforcing fabrics

Warp thread supply

Bobbin creel and or warp beam

Shed formation

Jacquard and/or dobby

Weft Selector

Multi Weft Selector 2+2-6+6

Weft insertion

Single or double rigid rapier

Weaving width

Standard 1.8 m or customizable