Automotive Success story

Winning over the automobile industry with laser cutting robots

Customer benefits
  • Economical solution
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Process-reliable, precise processing
  • Easy integration of laser cutting robots
  • Small footprint


Finding the right tool for laser cutting applications

Founded in 1963 and located in the Henan Province of central China, the Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd. (Yutong Bus) has since grown into one of the world’s largest bus manufacturers. Originally created as a bus repair factory, Yutong Bus now produces more than 340 units daily and exports to more than 130 countries and regions around the world.

To produce the various metal components and body parts used to make a bus, manufacturers have traditionally relied on processes like stamping, punching and trimming; until recently, robots have only been used for low-precision applications such as spot welding and painting.

Experience has shown that conventional robots in the automotive industry do not have the precision to perfectly cut even moderately sized circles in sheet metal. With poor axis control capabilities, they are too slow to handle parts moving quickly along a production line. And because lightweight robots are not rigid enough, they are susceptible to deformation and therefore cannot ensure the precision required