Clamping systems Magnetic

Mold magnetic clamping system QMC122

The Stäubli magnetic clamping systems offer many advantages during quick mold change operations: total security, high efficiency, and optimized profitability. Active safety, interactivity with the operator, and exact measurement of the clamping force are innovative functions made possible by the IMAG technology developed by Stäubli. Thanks to design and many inspections carried out during clamping operations and production, these Stäubli solutions significantly help increase productivity.

Technical characteristics

  • Plate thickness (mm): 52
  • Maximum operating temperature: 100 °C  (212°F)
  • Power supply voltage (V): 200 to 480 (others on request)
  • Frequency (Hz): 50 or 60


  • Plate: Low carbon steel
  • Magnetic module: AlNiCo and NdFeB magnets and copper winding

Safety functions
By integrating the many features enabling anticipation of malfunctions, the QMC solution creates a reduction in machine downtime.

  • The interactive control panel enables the validation of the safety points during mold changing operations.
  • Thanks to IMAG technology, the system accurately controls clamping force in real time. The operator is alerted if it