Jacquard weaving

Harnesses for Jacquard machines

Stäubli harnesses make the perfect link between the Jacquard machine and the warp threads of the weaving machine for all types of application from high speed to heavy duty, with weaving widths up to 5 meters, between 2,000 and 52,000 harness cords. 

Our custom configured harnesses are made by high-quality components, and are designed to accommodate the requirements of textile production, and can be used to weave nearly all fabrics such as silk fabrics, linings, labels, dress materials, decorative materials, table cloths, bed linens, velvets, towels, carpets and technical fabrics. 


  • High-quality, carefully optimized harness components
  • Rapid installation (QUICK LINK connectors)
  • Easy to fit and adjust
  • Stainless components
  • Vibration damping
  • Optimized drilling pattern
  • Stäubli harness cord with soil-retardant and anti-static treatment