Life sciences

Life sciences: how to automate processes with robots

For any product that affects human health, quality standards can never be too high. Whether you are producing implants or tablets, with our cleanroom robots for medical technology and drug manufacturing, you can expect maximum precision and speed, as well as safety, low particle emissions and easy-to-clean surfaces.

The same is true if you are a research institute looking for specific automation solutions. We can do even more for you if, for example, you want to automate the handling of hazardous materials in your clinic or hospital pharmacy and place great importance on operator safety and high performance. Our robots – six-axis, FAST Picker or SCARA for clean or sterile environments – are the technologies of the future.

Patient Care

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Operation robots, medical robots or assistance robots for surgery – what counts is only precision.    

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Image of a measure instrument for the robotics healthcare medical device solutions

Deburring, polishing, injection molding – Stäubli robots combine safety, quality, precision and productivity.

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