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CombiTac - the modular connector system

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CombiTac modular connectors allow you to combine various contact types such as power, signal, data, thermocouple, coaxial, fiber optic, fluid and pneumatic connections in a single adjustable frame or housing. CombiTac is the perfect choice for modular connectors in numerous demanding applications that require versatile, reliable and long-life solutions with high numbers of mating cycles. CombiTac is a product of Stäubli Electrical Connectors, the electrical connector specialist of the Stäubli Group.

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CombiTac concept

The expert choice in demanding industrial applications that require long-life reliable high quality modular connector solutions.   

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Modular system

Each unique CombiTac connector includes individual contact modules which are configured in a single adjustable size frame or housing. 

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The Configurator

Our one of a kind intuitive online configurator allows you to quickly and easily build your own personalized CombiTac step-by-step. 

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Designed according to highest safety standards, and features vibration and shock resistant contacts that can reach up to 100'000 mating cycles. Both the high quality and the long life span of CombiTac help you achieve optimal productivity and guarantees  downtime and maintenance costs are kept to the absolute minimum.  

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CombiTac products

CombiTac contact types include power up to 300 A and 5 kV, high density signals, 10Gbit Ethernet and coaxial, fiberoptic, thermocouling, leakage free fluid and pneumatic.

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Services and cable assembly

Configure your own CombiTac though the online Configurator. CombiTac can also be 100% customized to met your exact design specifications, including cable assembly.