6 axis robots TX340 SH

TX340 SH (shelf) 6-axis robot

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The TX340 SH (shelf) 6-axis robot is an articulated arm with 6 axes for increased flexibility. The work envelope allows the robot to work under its base to be positioned on top of a machine. Its IP65 rating makes the robotic arm suited for applications in harsh environments. The TX340 SH 6-axis robot has a maximum payload of 190 kg and a 3680 mm reach.

Stäubli TX340 SH - palletizing
Lightweight and compact construction

Brings another mounting option and short cycle times.

TX340 SH 6 axis robot
Ideal for plastics industry

With its large enveloppe and a payload of 190 kg, the TX340 SH can easily handle large grippers and molded components.

TX340 SH - attachment method
Compact footprint
  • Easily mounted in space restricted areas including the chassis of injection molding machines. 
  • Flexibility in robot positioning reduces system design and integration times.