Automotive Success story

Quantum leap towards Industry 4.0 in mold manufacturing

Customer benefits
  • Realization of a continuous digital process chain
  • 60% reduction in throughput time
  • Top performance thanks to a solidly built, accurate robot
  • Significant increase in productivity
Stäubli TX200 hsm robot at Audi
Maximum precision required: the Stäubli TX200 drilling a pilot hole.


Robot-assisted machining of molds

At the highly advanced Audi Competence Center for Plant Equipment and Forming Technology, they are gradually working towards the digital linking of all processes. A robotic machining center now replaces four radial drilling machines in the manufacture of molds.

Back in 2015, when Audi yet again won the Werkzeugbau des Jahres (Toolmaker of the Year) award, the panel of judges was complimentary in their praise of the outstanding development and partial realization of a continuous digital process chain. Audi is taking another step towards Industry 4.0 in mold manufacture. Previously, radial drilling machines were used for making the vent holes in molds. The disadvantages were that the process was difficult to automate, was costly in terms of time and labor, and was not compatible with Industry 4.0.

Recently, a high-precision industrial robot from Stäubli has been drilling out the holes. Soon, it will be given the job of precision