Automotive Success story

Fully automated manufacturing of roof rails

Customer benefits
  • Reliable milling robots with optimal handling
  • Shorter cycle times thanks to parallel processing
  • High profitability
  • End-to-end processing with high output
Stäubli TX200 hsm robot at ACL automotive
Seen here, one of the two TX200 processing aluminum profiles.
Stäubli TX200 hsm robots at ACL automotive
Both TX200 industrial robots make use of the same milling spindles.
Stäubli TX200 hsm robot at ACL automotive
The larger milling spindle performs the coarse machining, the smaller one the fine machining.


Robotic milling of aluminum profiles

The highly competitive nature of the automotive industry is constantly driving new manufacturing concepts. ACL Automotive has recently entrusted the machining of roof rails to the nimble hands of Stäubli robots and is well satisfied with the results.

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