Enhanced performance in the production of pharmaceuticals

Performance, operator safety and maximum product quality – that is what you expect from a robot-assisted automation solution. What sets Stäubli apart is our technical expertise, paired with regulatory background.

Our many years of collaboration with machine manufacturers and OEMs has given us expertise in every process in drug manufacturing as well as its optimization potential, whether in handling primary packaging such as syringes and infusion bags or secondary packaging such as folding boxes and cartons. We implement both simple and complex solutions for loading and unloading your machines and systems to give you a decisive edge in quality and efficiency.


Success stories - Applications

Stäubli AG - handling-of-syringes-ciseo-staubli-f-pim-2x-45206-jpg-orig.jpg
Fully automated inspection and filling of syringes (Ciseo)

The Belgian company Ciseo S.A. has planned a fully automated system for handling syringes. Strictly speaking, it consists of two systems: one individually handles 600 syringes per minute and feeds them to the testing station, the other groups the tested syringes with high precision into 100 or 160 trays.

High-volume production of single cell cultures with a TX60 Cleanroom
High-volume production of single cell cultures (TAP Biosystems)

The fully automated process takes cell culture proces