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Automatic Universal Quick Disconnects (UQD)

Stäubli's Automatic Universal Quick Disconnect for liquid cooling and thermal management applications, offers a reliable and efficient solution for Data Centers and Supercomputers while integrating OCP standards.

Stäubli's UQD offers:

  • Superior spillage control: Much lower than OCP requirements.
  • Optimized flow and pressure drop: Increase efficiency of your liquid cooling system to elevate your thermal management performance.
  • Intuitive visual marking: Color coding with blue and red simplifies circuit identification, providing a streamlined experience.
  • Effortless automatic connection: the Stäubli UQD facilitates easy integration within blade servers.
  • High-density compatability: Connections made simpler in tightly packed spaces.
  • Stäubli dedicated Global Presence: Our local sales teams are committed to your region, fostering better collaboration and expedited delivery of tailored solutions.

With 30 years of experience in electronic cooling, Stäubli UQD range guarantee to meet the requirements and needs of your thermal management systems.


  • Data center
  • HPC
  • Internet switch
  • Electronics (Liquid cooling of electronics)
  • Supercomputers
  • Thermal Management
  • Rack Systems
  • IT Cooling
Technical specificationsFluidsConstruction
  • Nominal diameter DN (mm): 6
  • Maximum allowable pressure*: 16 bar 
  • Water glycol
  • Cooling fluid

Stainless steel

*depending on the model and operating conditions


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TDU 24 - Gain in modularity

Modularity is at the center of actual Data centers challenges. 

Become a modular data center from the start thanks to our large bore quick couplings, the TDU 24, to connect your rack to your liquid cooling system: better performance, easy maintnenance, easy adaptation of the architecture of your system.

Universal Quick Disconnects UQD – Stäubli

Stäubli's UQD Couplings for liquid cooling and thermal management applications. 30 years of experience in electronic cooling.
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