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the benchmark beyond question

The true original MC4 from Stäubli for quality and reliability

Important to know

  • MC4 is a PV connector, invented by Stäubli in 1996 (formerly under the name of Multi-Contact)
  • MC4 is a protected trademark of Stäubli
  • MC4 connectors are Swiss-engineered and manufactured in Switzerland, France, and Germany
  • MC4 is not an industry-standard and is technically not compatible with different PV connec­tor brands

Minimize risk. Maximize return.

By selecting the premium-quality MC4 PV connector of Stäubli for your PV projects, you are creating a solid foundation for suc­cess while minimizing risks and simultane­ously ensuring efficiency and profitability. Constantly low contact resistance of the PV connectors is key for efficient operation and safe energy feed-in. Increasing contact re­sistance, e. g. due to deficient material char­acteristics, can weaken the efficiency of the entire PV system. 

Advanced contact technology 

The core of the Stäubli PV connectors is the innovative MULTILAM contact technology. This unique contact principle stands out due to multiple contact points that improve con­nection quality and energy transfer thanks to its constant spring pressure and the unique design. This results in constantly low con­tact resistance, ensuring safe and long-life operation and reduces downtime and ser­vice cost significantly.

This differentiating contact technology minimizes the risks of a power loss, of hotspots, or even a fire that could lead to enormous reconstruction costs. The original Stäubli PV connectors of the MC4 connector portfolio are very stable in terms of temperature and show no heat accumulation.

The Original MC4 product line