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Asset Owner, Project Developer and EPC


Your bankable partner for large-scale PV projects

Quality is our mission and driving force. At Stäubli Renewable Energy, we offer you a strong base for sustainable success. We can help you improve the profitability and the ROI (return on investment) of your PV project with quality product solutions and services for eBOS (electrical Balance of Systems) that contribute significantly to obtaining a low LCOE (levelized cost of energy), the deciding factor when it comes to the long-term profitability of a power plant.

The Lifelines of PV system
eBOS components and especially PV connectors are the lifelines of a PV system. Numerous studies and our experience in the field have documented that connection failures directly impact a project's financial success. It is common for low-quality components and improper handling to cause incidents that take time to repair or even cause downtimes. Ensuring your PV system has quality connectors can mitigate costly outages affecting an entire string of panels. From optimizing CAPEX to minimizing technical issues for higher yield and a lower OPEX – we add value along the entire lifecycle of your PV project with our quality products and services.

Our solutions provide the highest quality products and services to ensure long-term and reliable performance, giving you the ultimate peace of mind. It is always best to rely on the Original MC4 PV connector to avoid unnecessary risk and failures. And our highly skilled service and support teams ensure that everything runs smoothly and meets your product-specific needs.

Our product portfolio for eBOS applications

Our product portfolio for eBOS applications
Product image with cable couplers, dedicated to alternative energies.

Cable Couplers

Mitigate power loss, downtimes, service hours, risk of fire of your PV-System by using Original MC4 and MC4-Evo 2 connectors. The unique MULTILAM contact technology will guarantee an excellent long-term reliability and a low contact resistance over the entire product life.

Product image with the Original MC4-Evo 2 Panel Receptacles, dedicated to alternative energies.

Panel Receptacles

The MC4 and MC4-Evo 2 panel receptacle can be directly mounted, by means of screw thread. It is the ideal solution to connect your MC4 or MC4-Evo 2 cable coupler as a string input to an inverter or a MLPE device.

Product image with branch connectors MC4-Evo 2, dedicated to alternative energies.

Branch Connectors

MC4 branch connector are made for easy installation, as no crimping or torquing is necessary. They have a mating compatibility with MC4 and MC4-Evo 2 connectors and are rated at DC 1500 V according to UL 6703.

Product image with FLEX-SOL-EVO-TX cable, dedicated to alternative energies.


Learn more about our halogen free cross-linked polyolefin photovoltaic cable for the use within PV systems.

Product image with in-line Fuses, dedicated to alternative energies.

In-line Fuse

With minimal energy loss, low heat generation, robust housing combined with the mating face of the Original MC4 connector, Stäubli offers the ideal fuse products for your PV-systems.

Producz image for RE PV Products Tools


Learn more about accessories for field installation of the Stäubli product portfolio.

There’s only one Original MC4 PV connector

The Original MC4 is the world’s leading PV connector designed and engineered by our in-house experts more than 20 years ago. As the most installed PV connector worldwide, the MC4 continues to set new industry benchmarks thanks to our drive for excellence and innovation.

Stäubli connectors are crafted with Swiss precision, offering optimal efficiency and long-term performance for small to large-scale PV systems. When selecting connectors, trust the original to rest assured that your operations will be safe and perform sustainably for decades to come.

Our service portfolio for eBOS applications

As a full-service solutions provider, we strive to enhance the entire lifecycle of a PV system. In addition to our world-class products, we also offer a comprehensive portfolio of services for eBOS (electrical Balance of System) applications. From planning and construction to operational optimization, we partner with you to make the most of solar power.

eBOS solutions

Benefit from our entire eBOS products and service offerings for optimizing DC wiring and increasing efficiency and safety.

Bankability - a matter of trust

Gain the trust of investors and build the foundation for long-term economic growth.


Market Leadership

With over 2 billion PV connectors installed worldwide, Stäubli connects more than 50% of the world’s cumulative PV capacity.