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AGV Forklift FL090

The FL090 is an extremely compact counterbalanced forklift that guarantees smooths and reliable material flow. With the patented drive technology and variable payload ranging up to 1,000 kg, different scanner types, and configurable forks, they can be used very flexibly to transport europallets, racks, or lattice boxes.

Our FL090 is a key element for increasing the flexibility of smart production even in outdoor environments.

Main features and benefits

Patented drive unit

Smart & highly reliable technology:

Reducing downtime & TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
No extra costs to adapt the infrastructure

Up to 1 ton still with compact design:

Offering a wide payload range bringing flexibility
Addressing all market needs

Safe motion

The state-of-the-art safety functions embedded in our AGV ensure the highest safety level when it comes to collaboration between human and our AGVs.


Fleet control software

Synchronized by our software, the AGV fleet performs in the most efficient way by delivering data insights to your advantage.

Connecting your factory floor and delivering data-driven insights. We move your business.

Ultra compact counterbalance forklift

Full equipped mast

Navigation scanner with 2 collision avoidance scanners plus indicator blue spot all in one

Multicode scanner

Read material code in automatic mode. Send the data to the material flow system

Safe fork tip sensor

Increasing the overall safety of the product

Scalable battery

Modular battery capacity according to the application requirements

Human safety first

4 safe human laser scanner to ensure a 360° of safety

Automatic charging station

Charging automatically to the station delivering performance around the clock

Pallet loading sensor

Guarantee that the pallet is properly positioned on the fork increasing safety & efficiency

Technical specifications

AGV Forklift FL090
Max payload (ton) 1
Dimensions W x L x H (m) 0,95 x 2,75 x 2,3
Lifting stroke (mm) 400
Drive type Tricycle

Max speed (m/s)

Laser navigation



Main applications

Industrial intralogistics

Operating indoor and outdoor to increase productivity through intelligent task allocation from our fleet control software in industrial intralogistics environment.​