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Medical robotics

Robots at the service of surgeons

Medical robotics

High-precision robots as medical and surgical assistants

Helpful hands redefined: What has long been standard practice in industry is now finding new applications in the field of medicine. Medical robots are on the advance, not only in the production of drugs but also in the operating theater. If you, as a medical equipment manufacturer, require high-precision, rigid and flexible robots that also meet all the criteria for sterile surgical conditions, look no further than the Stäubli range. Easy to clean, with minimal particle emissions and high precision, they relieve doctors of some of the strain they are under while performing operations that demand their full concentration. Robots are also contributing to the development of innovative surgical techniques.

Robots at the heart of clinical interventions


Because patient, surgeons and medical staff are working within robot workspace, highest safety required with reliable braking performance.


Because these devices will be installed in operating room, hygienic level is mandatory.


Because robot is not working alone. Navigation system, Tracking devices, Imaging devices are all connected.


Because robot is part of a medical devices, precision, stiffness, Dynamic perfomance, relaibility and agility is a must.


Because your medical devices will be certified, traceability and high quality is required.


Because your device must fullfill hospital environment rule, friendly customization is an added value

Success stories

❝ We are honored to work with Stäubli, a company recognized for its technological excellence and savoir-faire, in order to share a vision of robotics and automation in healthcare❞ 
Bertin Nahum, | President, and Founder of Quantum Surgical


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