Metal industry Washing

Stäubli washing robots: the cleaner solution

Main applications
  • High pressure water jet deburring
  • Brush deburring
  • Vapor degreasing
  • Water jet cleaning / rinsing
  • Bath cleaning / rinsing
  • Drying
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Automated washing solutions have increased production and improved product quality while reducing operating costs. Stäubli HE industrial washing robots are specially sealed, meaning they can handle the water jet and the workpiece. They are also waterproof and can withstand a range of chemical solutions, in both acidic and alkaline environments. They are perfect for low- and high-pressure cleaning, very high-pressure deburring, degreasing, rinsing, and drying applications.

Benefits of robot washing

  • Maintaining product quality and production rates, optimization of process depending on the product to be washed/cleaned/deburred.
  • Flexibility of robot positioning allows the adoption of virtually limitless cleaning positions.
  • Higher levels of waste removal reduce the risk of part failure or quality rejection.
  • Cost reduction (reduced use of water, electricity, air and cleaning chemicals).
  • Eliminates the need for human operators to be in the harsh environment
Washing line for metal industry
Component identification, Loading the cleaning cell, Injection flood bath cleaning, Water jet deburring, Water spray cleaning, Water spray cleaning dionised water, Drying, Unloading on outfeed conveyor.
Success stories - Applications
Stäubli RX160 HE
Deburring in a cleaning cell (Maschinenbau Silberhorn)

For deburring and cleaning vehicle components, German cleaning specialist Maschinenbau Silberhorn uses Stäubli HE robots specially designed for applications in humid environments and wet spray areas.

Stäubli TX90 HE - Waterjet cleaning
Water jet cleaning (More Engineer)

In South Korea, integrator More Engineer teamed up with Stäubli to automate washing lines for Hyundai engine suppliers using TX90 HE washing robots. These robots are built to withstand the force of the water at the handle and can operate 24/7.

Stäubli RX160 HE - bath cleaning
RX160 HE inside a washing cell (Dürr Ecoclean)

Ceiling mounted RX160 HE inside a washing cell, EcoCFlex type from Dürr Ecoclean Germany, perfectly suited for handling automotive metal parts.

Advantages of Stäubli robots

  • The largest range of market dedicated washing/cleaning robot. (from 600 mm to 2600mm reach)
  • 15 years of washing/cleaning experience makes Staubli the market leader
  • Compatible with the most commonly-used cleaning and disinfection solutions (can be washed and foamed in place)
  • Small footprint and large spherical work envelope allowing easy installation in tight spaces
  • A completely closed structure means that no additional arm cover is needed
  • Can be used to carry the work piece or the cleaning tool with payloads up to 150 kg
  • Lowest costs of ownership due to high reliability, minimal maintenance costs, long duty cycles and lower electrical consumption.
  • Special arm surface treatment methods and materials provide corrosion protection
  • Pressurization of the complete arm including foot with a single infeed tube
  • Applications from -30°C up to +80°C. Contact us for details.
  • pH Experience from 2 to 12. Contact us for details.
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TX200 HE 6 axis robot for sensitive environments

Our HE robots are ideally suited for applications in very humid environments

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