Metal industry Finishing, painting

Stäubli Paint robots meet all finishing needs

From traditional applications to electrostatic processes, Stäubli Paint robots cover all finishing needs in a wide range of industries: automotive components, household appliances, consumer electronics, etc.



Better process control

Stäubli’s PaintiXen advanced control software allows the user to control all paint parameters, including electrostatic charge, atomization area, fan width and product pressure.

Increased paint and solvent savings

Automation reduces paint and solvent waste, extends filter lifetime and minimizes mud and dust in the paint booth (+30% transfer rate).

High quality

Paint robots execute trajectories precisely, with no part deviation and perfectly controlled paint gun starts. Specified thicknesses are guaranteed, with minimum variations.

High flexibility

Our paint robots allow the management of complex/multiple-sized parts as well as switching to different products (sizes or colors) according to the line PLC. Plus, user-friendly programming enables the automation of many small parts.

Increased throughput

Faulty part rates and the need for manual touch-ups decrease, while overspray reduction allows the removal of finishing and polishing workstations. Paint parameters can be modified by painters without stopping the production line. Further, Stäubli paint robots are designed to operate several shifts daily with very high availability rates and MTBF.

RX160 Paint
Application of electrostatic paint

The solution includes integrated automation panel, HMI control, pneumatic control, safety equipment, painting interface Nova Paint and Stäubli RX160 Paint robot.