Quick couplings Hydraulics

Non spill hydraulic quick coupling CBX


  • Connection of hydraulic circuits for all type of  industries, especially in plastics
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The very compact design and automatic locking of CBX quick couplings makes them ideal for repeated, blind or hard-to-access connections. They can be connected under residual pressure (PA option) and fitted with protective dust caps. With its anti-pollution design the CBX range is an ideal solution for hydraulic circuit connections. CBX couplings are spill-free to ensure the operator safety and flat faced to guarantee the integrity of fluids.

Technical specifications

  • Nominal diameter DN (mm): from 03 to 16
  • Maximum allowable pressure*: 450 bar (6526 PSI)


  • Mineral or synthetic oil, lubricating oil


  • Stainless steel and brass: CBX 06, CBX 09 and CBX 16
  • Stainless steel: CBX 03 and CBX 12
  • Stainless steel in the fluid steam: CBX 06 and CBX 09 with BF code.

*depending on the model and operating conditions